The burly and ferocious super coupe we know and have…
The burly and ferocious super coupe we know and have grown to respect, is back with an attitude and determination adjustment. The new Nissan GT-R Nismo will see the Japanese car manufacturer spreading global positivity of the athletic kind.
Although the shell has not changed much, there are a few noticeable modifications that are in good taste and propel the GT-R agenda for a massacre forward.
Some of these include Carbon fiber vents, hood, roof and diffuser. This has reduced the weight significantly by 30kg. There are also carbon ceramic brakes, which are the biggest to ever be fitted in A Japanese car. You will surely notice the iconic Nissan V-grille with GT-R badging, lower lip extention, 20 inch wheels, R35 quad tail pipes made of titanium and massive spoiler that aids in downforce. It’s also worth noticing how low the GT-R rides, I guess you can say the Godzilla is down to earth, or it’s crouching getting ready to leap into action.
When we look in the cabin you will become aware of its sportiness and intent of anhilating rivals. The leather and suede  heated Recaro seats are an indicator of how much  aggression you should brace yourself for while inside the belly of the beast. The steering wheel, dashboard and the ceiling are lined by the popular “Alcantara”. You will still find the same Guage clusters on the 8 inch screen, similar to the previous model, and the graphics are designed by “Polyphony”, a Japanese first party video game development studio, that designed the Gran Turismo Playstation game.
There is no Android Auto however but you will find Apple carplay and a directional knob for easy maneuver of the infotainment system. The backseat is not for tall people, the sloping roof will surely make your trip uncomfortable. A larger bootspace makes up for some of the minor flaws, which makes it an almost practical family car.
 It’s funny how a vehicle that used to be criticised for having too much tech during its earlier days, now seems to possess outdated gadgets and seems to be playing catch up to the modern tech. I remember we used to call it “Roboto”, in the township because of its tech advancement at the time, and also because it’s rear lights resembled traffic lights.
The reduced weight of components to the amount of 30kg has opened up a can of “whoop ass” for the GT-R Nismo’s rivals. It can sprint from 0 to 100km/h in 3.4 seconds(or less) , 0 to 200km/h in 11.3 seconds, quarter mile in 11.4 seconds and 0 to 1km in 20.5 seconds. All this is possible through the 3.8litre, V6 twin turbo, 6 speed double clutch transmition engine, that produces 441kilowatts of power and 633nm of torque. It is very fast! and very powerful! , apparently very nimble as well. It can take corners with great veracity at high speeds, due to the new suspension and exceptional strong grip Dunlop tyres, which gives it awesome connection to the road for enhanced steering and response.
You’ve got to have massive brakes to anchor a vehicle with such velocity and 2144kg of weight, that’s why Nissan used Brembo carbon ceramic brakes. The new turbochargers designs from Nismo are from the GT-R GT3 race car, which is claimed to improve the response by 20%, which doesnt explain the turbo lag similar to a 90s car and the slow shift that’s not conducive for overtaking.
The Nismo is extremely stiff and uncomfortable when its in “R” mode, if you are looking for a smoother and softer  everyday drive, the GT-R premium is recommended. For a price tag of R2, 5 million, the Nissan GT-R Nismo is way too expensive, you could get yourself an Audi R8, Porsche 911 GT3 RS, or McLaren 570S for the same price range.
This one is for the die hard fanatics, and it’s also a massive confidence booster for those who will eventually own one. Having said that,,, I admit to being a fan who is in need of a confidence booster. I wouldn’t mind owning it just for my birthday weekend, so… Nissan if you are reading this, hook your boy up!
Please make sure you engage Nissan online at, where all your queries about their vehicles and the impact of the level 3 lockdown will be satisfied or alternatively visit …….Stay home! , stay hygienic! and keep safe!
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