It's more of a face-lift rather than a new instalment,…
It’s more of a face-lift rather than a new instalment, but it still maintains that unholy look that lacks empathy.
The new Honda Civic type R has rattled many cages for years in such a way that many car makers, mostly German are on a verge of panic, at the mention of its name.
Just imagine Adolf Hitler shaking in his boots at the mention of Emperor Hirohito, it would be a World War 2 sized  blockbuster at the movies. Hondas focus (see what I did there?) is interesting when it comes to this hot-hatch. They are aiming more on every day functionality, I guess they are convinced they have performance in the bag. Besides the nip and tuck, they also addressed a few issues as well.
The changes made are subtle against the 2018 model. The grille is 13% bigger and has a larger opening to aid with the cooling, this is one of the ways they are addressing the overheating problem that the previous models had when running on the track. They also did away with the honeycomb design on the vents, above the splitter and they incorporated a body colour trim that breaks up these fake vents, now we have a more honest bumper.
This is a front wheel drive vehicle, with mechanical limited slip differential, that rests on 20 inch black alloys, full LED lights, integrated indicators on mirrors, and they kept the big signature wing. Did I mention that the Honda emblem has shrunk? Although Honda is aiming for usability on this car, the smaller Honda badge doesn’t mean it’s shy, it still spells out predator and is built for the kill.
The Civic Type R still maintains a wider, generously spacious interior, using comfy type R exclusive suede bucket seats with red double stitching. Sadly the two seats at the back are cloth, but the legroom  and the centre console for cup holders should make up for a tacky finish. The steering wheel is covered with Alcantara material, alongside it, is a 7inch infotainment system, that connects Apple carplay and Android Auto. They could have taken a bit more time improving the lag on the infotainment screen, but what’s exciting is the fact that the gear lever has more weight which makes gear selection more efficient, and what’s even more exciting is the unique global production number below the gear lever. This mythical creature might intimidate the living daylights off you, but it promises exclusivity.
The previous Civic type R had engine sound issues, people have been quoted saying it sounded like a vacuum cleaner. The engine growl has now been enhanced with Active Sound Control which works through the car audio system (side note: Comment your feelings about that on the comment section). Some would call it a “fake exhaust sound.” The engine in question is a 6speed manual, 2litre turbo, 4cylinder V-TEC. It pushes 228 Kilowatts of power and sprints from 0 – 100km/h in 5.8 seconds. The sound has to be stretched to its limits to match the anger of this motor.
This is quite an impressive piece of engineering, that packs a mean punch, handles like a Go-kart especially around corners at high speeds. I bet  It’s gonna capture the hearts of many, as it is also a family friendly drive. I just wonder though who would win a sprinting contest between the Japanese Honda Civic Type R and the German Audi RS3 Sportback, seeing that zindala zombili, they both pack 228Kilowatts of lethal blows. Until we get these monsters on the track to settle the matter and separate the Men from the mice, we can only have a good debate about it.
A family friendly creature of this magnitude will set you back a hefty R741 900, including emissions tax. If you are daring enough, it’s a good one to own, for its rich heritage and body count.
Please make sure you engage Honda online at, where all your queries about their vehicles and the impact of the level 3 lockdown will be satisfied or alternatively visit …….Stay home, stay hygienic and keep safe!,,, Please be on a look out for our next review, which will be the new Toyota Yaris GR
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