Hyundai Grand i10 Fun times are here again with the…
Hyundai Grand i10
Fun times are here again with the new Hyundai Grand i10. This one is 20mm lower and 20mm wider than its predecessor, daring to tread the sports car territory. Atleast by looks,,, breaking away from being a calculator on wheels or any other insults that are usually hurled at “City cars”.
There is certainly attention invested on the exterior, judging by the slick body lines and the sporty (Ford focus inspired) grille. You can’t miss the i10 badge on the LED lights and the top corners of the back windows, who knows where else. It makes me think of a little  guy at the gym wearing personalised sporty workout gear, with his name embroided all over which begs the question, what’s the point?
The cute spoiler and aggressive design on the alloy wheels will definately cause you to look at  the car for the second time, and wonder what you will find inside the cabin and under the hood. Well, you will find a lot of cheap plastic finishes in the interior, which is not frowned upon considering it’s a “low cost vehicle”.
The infotainment system and other tech features are a serious upgrade, that’s where the most fun is at. I’m talking about 8 inch display screen, wireless phone charger, lane departure warning, and reverse camera. No half measures were taken in making  this small car, it beams with honeycomb textures throughout the interior and a sound system that doesn’t have much of a buzz, however you will definitely see a swarm of these Grand i10’s on your nearest streets.
As far as the promise of affordability and fuel economy and safety is concerned, I’m definitely recommending this fun toy to Ishisa lam’. She would appreciate the 2 airbags, Auto braking system, 252 litres of boot space for her shoes and Hyundai’s 200 000km 7year warranty. Mostly she would appreciate that it’s easy to park, even nase Jozi CBD.
It might take her longer to get there with the 1litre, 48 kilowatt, 3cylinder engine with 94nm of torque, but  atleast she will get there safe – having used 5.4litres of petrol per kilometer, so this is what you should find under the hood of the entry level Grand i10.
The Hyundai tiny car will set you back a huge R201 500, which includes about R5106 of emissions tax. Which makes me question my understanding of the word “affordable. “
Please make sure you engage Hyundai online at, where all your queries about the upcoming level 3 lockdown will be satisfied, however as it stands, please note all dealerships will be closed for the duration of the lock down, as they are not an essential service, as per our Presidents discretion…but you might still be able hire some  Hyundai vehicles, as car rentals will be operational during the level 4 lockdown regulations….Stay home, stay hygienic and keep safe!,,, Please be on a look out for our next review, which will be the new Audi Rs3.
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Hyundai Grand i10

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