I will call this a well mannered bully, that was…
I will call this a well mannered bully, that was manufactured based on the accolades of the Gti on the Touring Car Racing circuit. It’s charming looks with highlights of sporty finishes might give you an impression of an ordinary VW Golf.
I hope you don’t fall for that trap of thinking this is a vehicle or transport. The athletic ability of this suit wearing delinquent far surpasses vehicle status. The 19 inch matte black alloys, the unique matte Grey paint with honeycomb TCR decals on the sides, the outside skirts, unique spoiler, double exhaust pipes and the race car look diffuser should at first glance be signs of teleportation, not transportation.
Yes, oh yes the Volkswagen Golf GTi TCR will finally hit our shores in July 2020. I wonder the kind of drama ought to look forward to as this machine always spells out trouble and borderline lawlessness. That’s what you will get when it picks fights with angrier beasts, fighting for prominence.
The cabin of the TCR is a safe place, with the race car seats also found on the GTi, but with unique Alcantara fabric and pattern with GTi detailing, large infotainment screen, digital dials,and red stitching throughout the interior. It is also worth noting that the steering wheel has a red centre bar, possibly for accuracy during an assault perhaps.
Built mainly for the track, the Volkswagen GTi TCR’s presence should be felt on the streets as well, with the 2litre turbocharged engine that pushes out 213Kilowatts, 380nm of torque. From a 6 speed Dsg gearbox that does a 0-100km/h sprint in 5,6seconds. Comes with a stiffer suspension in all driving modes, 5mm lower adaptive dampers, performance brake pads and an electronically controlled limited slip differential for better corner exiting traction.
Kuzosuka amaphepha in a battle for dominance, and the 213Kilowatts GTi TCR is definately the underdog in terms of power. It’s grappling against the 220Kw Renault Megane RS Trophy, 228Kw Honda Civic type R, and the 228Kw Audi S3 sportback. It should certainly be looking forward to wiping its face and setting an example with the “new kid on the block” 202 Kw Hyundai i30N which does the 0-100km per hour sprint over 6 seconds.
It should be a rivalry that will see a lot these car manufacturers release fine tuned, upgraded versions year after year, putting their best fighter forward in a quest for the championship belt. Whether the Gti TCR wins or not, I’m sure it will take the cake for being the most fun, responsive pocket rocket with very little body roll and impressive cornering.
With the price tag of R669 000, the GTi TCR is competitively priced against its contenders, which I think is more bang for your buck, considering there will only be 300 of these made, which will come with a unique number below the GTi badge on the rear of the car and personalized owners certificate. A 3 year 120 000km warranty, 5 year 90 000km VW service plan and a 12 year anti-corrosion warranty are a nice touch, which guarantees the Volkswagen GTi TCR a top 3 spot in the cars I’m buying once I strike it lucky on the lotto.
Please make sure you engage Volkswagen online at www.vw.co.za, where all your queries about the upcoming level 3 lockdown will be satisfied, however as it stands, please note all dealerships will be closed for the duration of the lockdown, as they are not an essential service, as per our Presidents descretion…but you might still be able to hire some Volkswagen vehicles, as car rentals will be operational during the level 4 lockdown regulations….Stay home, stay hygienic and keep safe!,,, Please be on a look out for our next review, which will be the new Honda civic type R.
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