A Mustang never dies, it re-runs! the Ford Gt Bullitt has been revived 3 times in the last 50 years, I guess the battle for the most muscular car rages on.
It all began in 1968 on the Warner brothers movie “BULLITT” starring Steve McQueen where he drove a Mustang GT fastback doing car chase scenes so insane, they should be illegal. The 2019 version is the third offering to pay homage.
Compared to the Mustang GT premium version, the Bullitt trim is more subtle, discreet and doesn’t give away that it’s a performance muscle car on the exterior, with a few noticeable differences. The grille has no running horse logo, it’s just a clean black mesh finish, unique low gloss front splitter, and a new hood with extraction vents to cool the engine. Its even more subliminal at the back as it has no spoiler, no GT badge but a BULLITT logo, and full LED tail lights.
As you step inside you will get a sense of typical Mustang quality with soft touch dashboard and door panels. You will also get a sense of tech upgrade with the 8 inch touch screen “sync3” infotainment system (the screen is grainy and course), Android Auto, Apple carplay, Ford pass connect system, optional Bang and Olufssen sound system. I must say the RICARO hugging  leather seats look good on this Mustang, but the practicality is out the window, the front seats are rigid and can’t slide forward to make way for back passengers, since this is a 2 door vehicle.
Since the BULLITT has a naturally aspirated engine, it does not have much driver assistance. What it doesn’t have as well is parking sensors, and wireless charging. Drop a comment and tell us how you feel about this point.
Now let’s get to the meaty stuff, the performance and everything pertaining to it. We are talking here about a car that runs on a 5 L engine. This car has a same manifold as the powerful Shelby gt350, that’s why the 4 pipes sound rowdy and raunchy. The naturally aspirated V8 6 speed manual engine, pushes 338 Kilowatts of power, with 529nm of torque. It does the 0-100km/h dash in 4.2 seconds, the quarter mile drag in 12.2 seconds, and the 0-200km/h dash in 14.4 seconds. This car is what we call “insimbi engagobi” ekasi. It’s dubbed as the fastest non Shelby Mustang.
In order for us to understand how tight the muscle car contest is, I will feature the specs of the Chevrolet Camaro Lt1, just for control. It’s a 6.2 litre V8 10 speed automatic engine, that pushes 339kw of power 617nm of torque. It does the 0-100km/h dash in 4.1 seconds, the quarter mile drag in 12.6 seconds, and the 0-200km/h point in 15.2 seconds. I’m not going to mention the Dodge Challenger Scat pack that’s up there in the rat race, which is quite demeaning, because a rat is no way to define these apex predictors.
The Mustang Bullitt has launch control, active exhaust system, similar to that of the Shelby GT350, with 4 exhaust modes. From quiet, normal, sport, and track. This is a muscle car dabbling into sports car territory, because of its agility and athletic ability. You might be pleased to know there is also a Steve McQueen limited edition version of the Bullitt, that pushes 578kw of power, the ultimate “bad boy” symbol. Only 300 of these are produced globally per year, talk about exclusivity.
This highland green wild horse will set you back R1079, 700 which works out to be R3196 per kilowatt, it sounds more obtainable if I look at it that way.
Please make sure you engage Ford online at, where all your queries about their vehicles and the impact of the level 3 lockdown will be satisfied or alternatively visit …….Stay home! , stay hygienic! and keep safe!,,, Please be on a look out for our next review, which will be the new Nissan skyline GTR.
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