Corolla 1.2l XR hatchback The Japanese have done it again,,,…
Corolla 1.2l XR hatchback
The Japanese have done it again,,, but with Corolla this time. A sporty looking backpack rocket with an open grille design. It’s not typical for the conservative Japanese car maker but this hatchback certainly crosses the aggression boarder for a Corolla.
A commitment to attention capturing design is evident throughout the exterior of this Toyota Auris replacement. It has prominent body lines throughout the 5 doors and side skirts, not forgetting the 18 inch alloys that make it look athletic. I’m impressed how even the LED headlights received design attention, and the tail lights as well,,,however  the fake tail pipes are an  outcast.The exterior on the other hand, is “doing the things” from the face right through to the rear, but a sunroof would complete the feel and boost its popularity, especially eKasi for some street cred .
As you open the door, the fancy bucket seats jump at you. They are made of leather and suede, providing maximum comfort for long distance driving. The drivers seat comes complete with 2 way electric lumbar adjustment. The cabin peaks of modernity at first sight with soft touch plastic finishes, leather wrapped steering wheels with cruise control that uses radar tech for safe following distance. It also has a descent infotainment system with shortcut buttons, wireless charger that’s difficult to reach without accidentally pressing the seat heating buttons.
The rear seats feel crammed and don’t have knee room due to the front bucket seats. For a vehicle that won Autotrader ‘Car of the year award ‘ in the family category 2020, sure doesn’t have enough room for your family at the back. It’s also disappointing that it doesn’t have USB charging ports or Aircon vents at the back, this is a good recipe for a family feud.
The cyclist detection system, heads up display, outside road noise suppression on the inside, are pretty impressive even against the 18inch low profile wheels. Which are more than ideal for the 85 kw 1.2T engine, that sprints from zero to 100 in 10.4 seconds. The ride is firm but comfortable, with good steady body control, aided by the independent rear suspension. Cornering is done with ease and stability, with little to no body roll.
To be honest,,, the specs under the hood don’t match the aggressive looking shell, but I still see the Corolla hatchback as “uswidi wabantwana” not a family car as claimed. I also think the R336 000 price tag is radical compared to performance, however the sporty body and comfy cabin tries to close the gap.
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