Citroen has been missing in action for 3 years in…
Citroen has been missing in action for 3 years in the Mzansi market, they are looking to make their mark emphasizing their determination on 3 Fundamental products,,, C3 compact hatchback, C3 Aircross crossover, and the C5 Aircross family SUV.
The Citroen C5 shares its platform with its cousin, the Peugeot 3008. Its quirky looking and has cool pretty boy futuristic looks, this might help it set the trend,,, but can it set the pace?, we shall see…
A cool feature you can’t help but notice is the Citroen badge that extends from the centre, and stretches all the way to the corners. It’s also has daytime running lights situated above the normal headlights. It has roof bars that match the side Airbumps®️ in terms of colour. It has 3D rear-lights, 19 inch alloy wheels and false exhaust pipes.
The exterior of the C5 draws from the C3 Aircross,,, it looks distinctive when you compare it with its rivals, the Hyundai Tucson, Mazda CX5 and the Toyota Rav4…”you might forget the name, but not the face.”
It comes in 3 versions,,, namely the entry level “FEEL” version, a step up “FLAIR” version and then the high end “FLAIR PLUS” version. Citroen has been generous in terms of features shared amongst these 3 cars. From zone climate control, rear parking sensors, reversing cam with surround view, Tom Tom built in Satnav, to active cruise control, keyless entry and hands free operation for the tailgate,,, Citroen aircross features are endless,,, figuratively speaking.
Based on the Citroen aircross  1.6 turbo, the interior seem to be based on the Citroen C5 cactus. It has comfort seats,,, but wider, they feel like armchairs. The driver has been designated a comfy seating position with enough head room. The infotainment system is however mediocre, not responsive, the keyboard is not the “QWERTY” keyboard we know and love. They could have done better as far as usability is concerned.
What they got right though is the huge door bins, huge wireless charging pad area for a mobile phone, and an enormous cabby hole placed between the two front seats. The back seats have ample legroom,,, but the most exciting feature is that they are adjustable and also reclinable…”Danki Citroen!”. You can fit 2 child seats, and still have one person seating between them. The 720 litre boot pace is the biggest in this class of cars…. They also got the safety features extremely right, as they got 5 star  Euro N CAP rating.
The 1.6 turbo petrol engine pushes 121 kilowatts of power, excelleration of 0 – 100 in 8.2 seconds and low carbon dioxide emissions. It’s very quiet on the freeway and has a smooth ride. It’s assisted by the Progressive Hydraulic Coushions®️ on each wheel, however it’s tall body and soft suspension doesn’t advocate for maneuverability and neat ride on bumpy and winding surfaces. It will dispense a lot of side to side movement. This car is certainly not built for taking corners at high speeds especially with its very light an non engaging steering wheel.
You can brace yourself  to pay R515 000 for this fashion savvy SUV. I would urge all potential buyers to stay home during this trying “lock down” period, while we fight the spread of COVID-19 pandemic. Please engage Citroen online at , where all your queries will be satisfied. All dealerships will be closed for the duration of the lock down, as they are not an essential service, as per our Presidents discretion…….Please be on a look out for our next review, which will be the new Audi electric car.

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