Audi RS3 Sportback Fueling the hot hatch feud between the…
Audi RS3 Sportback
Fueling the hot hatch feud between the BMW M2 Competition, Mercedes Benz A45S, Ford Focus RS beyond boarders, is Audi’s latest installment, the RS3 Sportback. It’s a trigger happy Assassin, firing from 5 cylinders, with 294 kilowatts of muscle, 480nm of brute force. Who knows how much collateral damage is to be expected when these monsters engage.
Unlike its rivals, the RS3 doesn’t give away too much on the surface, just a glimpse of intent from the ferocious open grille, with massive air intakes and blacked out Audi badge and splitter. I’m mostly freaked out by the soul piercing Led lights, 19 inch aluminum alloys with big brakes, feisty body lines extending from the bonnet to the wheel arches, highlighting the downforce possessed by this 4WD merciless executioner.
The interior of the RS3 Sportsback, contrary to the exterior, gives out many warnings of the aggression bubbling under the hood. From the Alcantara covered multifunction steering wheel, RS badge embroidery on doors and race car seats, to the red stitching on doors and throughout the interior. The soft leather seats make for great comfort, but it’s disappointing that it’s only the drivers seat that’s electronically adjusted, the passenger will operate manually.
What is quite impressive though, is the leg and headroom at the backseat. The fact that the red stitching patterns continues to the hind seats and that there’s AC vents plus USB charging ports makes it a practical sports car. Although I would have made the armrest softer and dug a deeper boot space.
What this Beast brings to the brawl is ulaka of the 2.5 litre, 7speed (S-tronic transmittion) engine that is capable of 4.1 second sprint from 0-100km per hour. It also brings with it years of development when it comes to performance, it easily takes corners on high speeds by tightly gripping the road on all fours,,, “you can run but you can’t hide.”
I’m convinced the A45S has one up on the RS3 as far as sprinting and power is concerned, but the Audi harnesses more swag, kodwa ke kuya ngesbindi somshayeli
Should you have a hit list and be looking for a car to vanquish your enemies, the RS3 Sportback comes at a R903 500 price tag. For now I will take self defense classes and handle my own bullies, “thank you”.
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