AUDI  E-Tron Sportsback The sporty contour lines and clean shell…
AUDI  E-Tron Sportsback
The sporty contour lines and clean shell design features, not forgetting the promise of high comfort are enough to shock the most persimistic of critics. Why wouldn’t it,,, it has 300kw of electricity running through its veins.
The new Audi e Tron sportsback is almost identical to the normal eTron SUV. The sloping tailgate is the only noticeable difference. This is the coupe version. It has an expensive chip, that’s used on projectors with 1,2 million pixels incorporated in the headlights. Yenza amafilimu,,, basically it turns the road into a stage.
The venetian blinds grille will intimidate competition with its over the edge angry monster appeal. The cabin is is simple, and quite standard but it oozes quality and meticulous attention to detail with comfortable racing style seats, adjustable electronically. The infotainment system is transplanted from the A7 sportsback.
The luggage space has 60 litres capacity and there’s also a smaller boot at the front that stores charging cables, but can also take a small bag and laptop. I must mention that in Mzansi we only have 60kw chargers, which take just over an hour to charge. Basically there’s an almost existent electric car infrastructure.
The performance of this electric beast is astounding. It pushes 320kw, 0 to 100km in 4,5 seconds. It can run up to 500km when fully charged. It also eats the off-road terrain for breakfast with the assistance of the “Adaptable air suspension”. Which also influences its great handling and very minimal body roll in corners.
The Audi e Tron sportsback is estimated to cost a monstrous R1,6M,,,which is worthwhile frankly if you have that many bucks to spare. As for me,,, I might just sell my kidney for this one.
I would urge all potential buyers to stay home during this trying “lock down” period, while we fight the spread of COVID-19 pandemic. Please engage Audi online at , where all your queries will be satisfied. All dealerships will be closed for the duration of the lock down, as they are not an essential service, as per our Presidents descretion…however you might still be able hire some audi vehicles, as car rentals will be operational during the level 4 lockdown regulations….Please be on a look out for our next review, which will be the new Toyota corolla.
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