If I should be pulled over by a traffic officer,…
If I should be pulled over by a traffic officer, driving this pocket rocket, he will surely suffocate and beg for air. The new Toyota Yaris GR is simply breath taking.
Besides being a shocking site, it also has some overwhelming numbers defining it, this Fun size powerhouse. It has a 1.6litre, 3cylinder turbocharged engine that pushes 192KWof power, 370nm of torque…Wait a minute, this has more power than the Ford Fiesta ST 147KW and the new generation 8 VW Golf GTi which pushes 180KW. I think we should brace ourselves for the price range.
Another shocker is the fact that it dashes from 0 – 100km/h in a recorded time of 5.2 seconds, kusuka amaphepha,,, that’s quicker than the Honda Civic Type R,,, what the heck is this world turning into? The last memory I have of a Yaris is it being a harmless Jack russelI,,, how do we explain the Pitbul it has become? How much steroids has Toyota been feeding thing?
It crouches about 10cm lower for a low center of gravity and has a 6cm wider stance, bulging wheel arches with impressive body lines. It looks much meaner and sportier with the 18inch alloys, double exhausts, 3 doors and carbon fiber roof.
Why would Toyota spend so much money developing this car?,,, well they want to Rally it in the next WRC(World Rally Championship), so they have to homologate the vehicle, which means they have to build a certain number of road versions with the same mechanical make up to the racing car, for it to qualify for entry. Tommi Makinen a 4 times World Rally Championship winner has been heavily involved in the development of this hot-hatch, and he only has nice things to say about it.
Still on the numbers, this firecracker runs only on 6 speed manual shift gearbox and is the smallest hatch to run on all fours. It weighs 1280kg which makes it lighter than its predecessor the Toyota Yaris GRMN, due to the aluminium body panels. The suspension is much stiffer and with the Torsen limited slip differential it has the ability to distribute power to the wheels according to the different driving modes.
This the most exciting project that Toyota has embarked on, it makes me anticipate the future prospects of the brand. This get up and go, pint sized executioner will set you back a projected R700 000,,, it’s worth it when you consider that Toyota is going manufacture a limited number of these and the amount of upgrades that went in, which will make you an accomplice on all the Yaris GR’s conquests.
Please make sure you engage Toyota online at www.toyota.co.za, where all your queries about their vehicles and the impact of the level 3 lockdown will be satisfied or alternatively visit www.sacoronavirus.co.za …….Stay home, stay hygienic and keep safe!,,, Please be on a look out for our next review, which will be the new Audi RS-Q8
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2020 Toyota Yaris GR

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