Named after a famous Italian racetrack, with its production limited…
Named after a famous Italian racetrack, with its production limited to only 5 units globally, the Pagani Imola, (designed and engineered by Horacio Pagani) is the most brutal machine Pagani has ever made.
The aero dynamics on this speed demon are so futuristic, it’s sickening, it has exeggerated wheel arches, prominent side-skirts, a roof snorkel, a massive rear wing, ernomous diffuser and an extended front splitter. The looks alone will put you on excitement over-drive.
The entire body of the Imola is made of carbon fiber, because they wanted to attain the lightest vehicle achievable according to their standards (weighs more or less the same as a Ford Fiesta), and because of this, the car is engineered to harness a maximum amount of downforce possible.
The Pagani Imola supercedes most super cars, its a hypercar built for the race track, running on a 6litre Mercedes AMG V12 engine. It pushes 619kilowattsof power and 1100nm of torque. Pops and bangs are what you should expect, as the the Imola sings the Italian national anthem through the quad tailpipes and wearing the Italian  flag as accent lines running along the roof of its body. This is what happens when art meets science.
Should you want to order one of these five Imola hypercars, worth $5million(+-R90million) to own, I’m sad to inform you that they are sold out already. Don’t lose heart however, it is now possible to own a any other Pagani, wherever you are in Africa. Thanks to Daytona cars.
Founded by Justin Divaris, this gem of africa is a Premium luxury and super car supplier, sole importer of Aston Martin, Rolls Royce, McLaren and lately Pagani.
It all began when they persued and got a deal to sell Aston Martin in South Africa in 2004, and they did it Mzansi style, they sold them like amagwinya (vetkoeks), 100 cars within the first year. They were no longer an ordinary dealership that sells BMW’s and Audi’s but they quickly became brand custodians of choice for high-end sports and luxury vehicles in Sub-Saharan Africa.
What sets them apart is their exceptional customer service, towards their existing clients and the potential consumer. They also pride themselves by having friendly and informative staff members and an open door policy, where they allow the public to walk in and be visually inspired, because everyone who walks in is a future prospect.
Daytona is now operating from their new and improved premises in Melrose Arch. This is where they are implementing the idea of a “Lifestyle centre” instead of being only a luxury and sports vehicle dealer. The golf course can forget me, for I now know an a esthetically stimulating venue to network and be inspired.
Housing some of the world’s most luxurious and sought after brands under one roof, one can imagine the elegance, engineering and amount of power in kilowatts harbored in this lifestyle centre in Melrose Arch. Eskom could learn a thing or two about storage and distribution of power from Daytona.
Please make sure you engage Daytona online at , to find out about their personalised service, their vehicles in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the impact of the level 3 lockdown  on the automobile sales industry or alternatively visit …….Stay home! , stay hygienic! and keep safe!
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2020 Pagani Huayra Imola (V12). Eskom could learn a thing or two about storage and distribution of power from Daytona.

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