Audi RS-Q8 It's a new normal now, that a production…
Audi RS-Q8
It’s a new normal now, that a production SUV can break records by sprinting around the dreaded Nurburgring in a matter of minutes. The new Audi RS-Q8 did it in 7minutes 42.2 seconds, taking the crown from Mercedes GLC 63S AMG. The BMW X6M competition is not gonna take this lying down, they are gunning for that crown.
This agile heavy weight champion harbors Audi’s relentless engineering under the skin. It’s a 4litre TFSI Quattro twin turbo V8 motor, that pushes 441kilowatts of power (similar to RS6 Avant), 800nm of torque, 8 speed automatic transition with mild hybrid system that can max the speed at 305km/h. You would never expect something this muscular and this heavy (2,315kg)to be this nimble,,, it reminds me of Brock Lesnar’s brute force and speed also Kimbo Slice’s never say die determination. Ikwatile kakhulu, it’s enough to give other car manufacturers nightmares.
Audi also invested on air suspension that automatically drops at high speeds by 10 mm to improve aerodynamics and iron out bumps for more comfort better than the BMW X6M, active anti-roll  bars, unlimited slip differential which can push up to 85% of the power to the rear wheels. What is also amazing is the rear wheel steering that comes standard to the Audi RS Q8. At high speeds the rear wheels face the same direction as the front wheels, which makes it easier to take corners at insane velocity, but at low speeds the rear wheels face the opposite direction which makes it easier for parking in awkward spaces. I would say this is rather playful for an intimidating car such as this.
There are also some styling upgrades on this vehicle, like the huge RS grille which comes with optional blacked out logo, carbon fibre highlights throughout the body , 22 inch wheels that come standard but they can also go up to 23 inches which are the BIGGEST wheels ever to be fitted in an Audi. Not forgetting the carbon ceramic brakes, big enough to stop the earth’s rotation.
Audi RS-Q8 interior spells out comfort and luxury, with very deliberate finishings like the red double stitching, that are no way cheap. The ambient lighting will lighten your mood with dozens of colours to select from. The MMI display provides information such as lap times, temperature, tyre pressure, torque and g-force. The RS badging can be witnessed throughout the  cabin, including the flat bottom steering wheel, floor carpets, embossed on the soft leather sports seats on the front and  back (rear seats are sporty, they recline and can slide forward and back). The interior is very spacious with lots of legroom, 650litres of boot space and its family friendly.
The athleticism of this super SUV are insane and enviable. I mean 0-100km/h in 3.8 seconds is a dream, which the BMW X6M shares and the 478KW Lamborghini Urus smashes by fractions of a second. There’s no curve formed against the RS-Q8 that shall prosper whatsoever ,,,with no body roll and very little motion in the cabin on top of all that [thanks to the anti roll bars, unlimited slip differential and air suspension].
Other standard driver assist features include surround view camera, lane change warning and adaptive cruise control. 1.2 million development kilometres are evident on this installment by Audi, this might be a benchmark in the super SUV division.
As a matter of curiosity, I wonder who would win a straight line drag race between Lamborghini Urus, BMW X6M and the car in question, the Audi RS-Q8. Please leave a comment (they are always appreciated) with your analysis and predictions ,,, who knows maybe one day we will get to post a video showing you who won when we dragged these mighty  beasts.
The arrival of the RS-Q8 in South Africa is said to be not that far off and its price has been estimated to be around the R2milion mark. For a vehicle that ticks every box, I don’t think price should be the focus, but what have you done to secure one?
Please make sure you engage Audi online at, where all your queries about their vehicles and the impact of the level 3 lockdown will be satisfied or alternatively visit …….Stay home! , stay hygienic! and keep safe!,,, Please be on a look out for our next review, which will be the new VW T ROC R
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Audi RS-Q8

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