It's a beast in sheep's clothing,,, every now and then…
It’s a beast in sheep’s clothing,,, every now and then it growls and shows its fangs. You will ask yourself “what on earth is he referring to?” well, It is the 2020 version of the A45s AMG courtesy of Mercedes Benz. It may strike you as a humble athlete on the outside, but it’s propelled by a thirst for blood on the inside.
From the glossy Mercedes emblem, Panamericana grille with 12 bars, Aerodynamic pack which includes a huge carbon fiber spoiler and sick diffusers front and back to wider fenders, should be a stern enough warning that this beast has a lethal body language. If this doesn’t get you in a frenzy ?, just be warned by the growling 4 pipes.
Uzolimala if you judge it by the sleek panoramic roof or the metallic matte paintwork, beware of the brute force under the skin. The interior exudes high quality comfort, the cabin has leather and chrome accents all over, with precise stitches throughout.
The comfortable perforated leather racing style seats in the front and back,,, seem to brace you for the mixed emotions of terror from the G force and excitement of being in control of an engineering masterpiece.
You are now a part of history, as you are a witness to the fastest turbocharged 4 cylinder 2litre engine to date. Make no mistake of thinking there’s a possibility of taming this 310 kilowatts rough and tumble monster. If provoked, it will charge at you from 0 to 100km per hour in 3.9 seconds, not enough time to even blurt out a scream for help.
Every nut and bolt has been considered on this not so humble engine, even the position has been turned 180°,,,allowing for air intakes to be at the front, turbo and exhaust at the back. The AMG comes equipped with “rear limited slip differential” on a 4WD suspension, and Porsche 911 brakes.
It doesn’t matter whether you are belting it around tight corners or you are doing a straight line drag, the A45s imposes it’s power firmly on the 19 inch alloys. You almost won’t recognize the slight body roll and vertical movement. I figured it’s a perfect set up for the highly anticipated drift mode, encoded on this hyper hatch’s DNA.
For this animalistic object of desire, you must prepare yourself to part with R981 000. This excludes optional extras like the Design Mountain Grey Magno paint, AMG Aerodynamics package and AMG Special “Edition1”, which could potentially push the price over the R1million mark. I’m definitely swinging by my nearest dealership as soon as I win the lotto.
Please engage Mercedes Benz online at , where all your queries will be satisfied. Please note all dealerships will be closed for the duration of the lock down, as they are not an essential service, as per our Presidents discretion…however you might still be able hire some Mercedes vehicles, as car rentals will be operational during the level 4 lockdown regulations….Stay home, stay hygienic and keep safe!,,, Please be on a look out for our next review, which will be the Hyundai Grand i10.
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